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Why Georgia

Why Georgia

The Top 10 Reasons To Visit Georgia

Guest here is appreciated and taken care of

Georgians do believe that ‘a guest is sent from the God’, therefore they try to welcome guests into their homes like they would to any relative, family member or friend. Known as the hospitable nation, Georgians tend to be over-caring. If you befriend a local here, you can be sure you’ll be invited into their home and treated much like royalty, with everyone asking you different questions, making sure you feel comfortable, and well cared for at the dinner table.

They will take you everywhere they go, show you around, and proudly tell you how this small country suffered from various invasions during the centuries, and yet they never lost their faith. They will try to make you fall in love with Georgia.

Georgian cuisine is quite diverse

Much like its landscape, the food here is very diverse. Even though the cuisine is mainly meat and dough-based, there are vegetarian options too. The national dish of Georgia is Khinkali, meat dumpling with a bit of the broth inside. Vegetarians can try it with potato, mushroom, or cheese filling.

Another local favorite is Khachapuri, a pizza-like cheese pie that is served at dinner. The meal is so common, that there are variations of Khachapuri across a myriad of regions.

Eggplant, spinach, and cabbage leaves assembled with walnut sauce are famous appetizers of the cuisine and favorite meal for both locals and foreigners.

It’s all about nature here

Despite its small size, Georgia has all kinds of climate zones including deserts, ski resorts, Black Sea coasts and alpine zones. The country is a paradise for hiking and camping lovers or for those who simply enjoy stunning views of the Caucasus Mountain Range. Additionally, you can explore breathtaking lakes, canyons, waterfalls or relax at its spa resorts.

You don’t need to break the bank to come to Georgia

Even though Georgia’s popularity is increasing each year, it is still considered to be a budget-friendly destination. Most of the cultural and historical sights are free of charge, while the ticket price of the museums starts from 3 GEL ($1.25).

Eating out can be both expensive and cheap, depending on your budget. Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi are the major destinations, of which Tbilisi might be the most expensive when dining out. However, if you’d like to make your trip as affordable as you can, check out our budget-friendly guide to Tbilisi cafes and restaurants.

There are plenty of international chain hotels like Radisson, Sheraton, Ibis, and Mercury to name a few. However, if you like to rent out an apartment, entire flat in Tbilisi can cost around $25-30 per night.

You can have a different spa experience here

Georgia is famous for its natural hot springs and spa resorts across its territory. But sulfur baths in Tbilisi’s Abanotubani are the first stop for many tourists. Water at those baths are naturally hot at 40-degree Celsius and is believed to be beneficial for skin and your well-being.

It is home to the first European

During archaeological excavations in Dmanisi, the scholars have found a 1.7-million-year-old skull which happens to be the oldest evidence of a human habitation in Europe, proving that there is almost a one million year gap between this and any European early-human site.

Drink wine made with the ancient methods

It’s a proven fact that Georgia is the oldest wine-making country in the world. It is believed that Georgians have been making wine for at least 8,000 years, with their own traditional method in egg-shaped clay jars called qvevri. Those jars are buried underground where the fermentation process happens naturally. It must be noted that Georgian wine develops an amber color when its made in qvevri.

Georgia hides a beautiful architecture

If you like examining the architecture of the city, you’ll find a lot of interesting buildings here. From the ancient ruins to Soviet buildings, from Art Nouveau to modern, Tbilisi and the rest of the country has it all.

Old Town is full of ancient buildings, typical Georgian residential houses with wooden curved balconies, and the citadel that stands for dozens of centuries. The rest of the city is full of Soviet and modern architectural buildings that try to coexist with each other.

Georgia is home to two highest villages in Europe

Ushguli in Svaneti, standing at 2,200 meters above the sea level and Bochorna in Kakheti, situated at 2,345 meters above the sea level is considered to be the highest settlements in Europe. Ushguli, nested at the foot of Mount Shkhara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover the cave town of the 12 century

Ever wandered through a massive cave town? Well, you can scratch it off your bucket list in Georgia. This cave monastery complex dates back to the second half of the twelfth century and stretches along the cliff for 500 meters.

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